Stan Tells You About His Trip from Ontario to Arizona!! IN 2003.

I just CANNOT stop myself from thinking of Shuffleboard??????  AND OF COURSE, my wondering mind takes me back to some of my early reporting!!!!

The computer is a wonderful thing; one can click on a button, and in so doing, bring up items relative to one’s search.  I entered “Stan AZ” and up came our trip to Arizona in 2003.  HECK, things are slowing down SHUFFLEBOARD WISE, why not take a few minutes and read OUR STORY OF OUR TRIP TO ARIZONA taken in 2003 !!  

I am unable to give you the reference pix.  In 2003 I was not as adept at such things. AZ 1Enroute to AZ 5th Wheel Sep 2003 D day – 1 up and AZ 2 Enroute to AZ day 1, Sep 21 2003 and AZ 3 Sep 22 2003 day 2 up  I will follow this up with more stories, culminating with our participation in the ISA (International Shuffleboard Assn.) to begin in March of 2004.  Stan McCormack writing in Lindsay, ON, 2019 04 06.

Courtesy of Josh,  Erik, Josh, and Kerry.


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