John Brown Reflects on the 2019 Masters


    Zephyrhills Betmar hosted the FL P-27 Masters, the 59th Annual FSA Masters, April 1-4.  The tournament was reportedly very well organized and well directed by FSA Tournament Director Glenn Monroe.  Fraternal spirit and good sportsmanship was reportedly the order of each day.

    Terri Smith of Bradenton Shuffle Club won first place in the Ladies Division for the third time in the past 4 seasons.  Terri represents the Southwest Coast District very well and she plays at the State level almost every week each season. She richly deserves our congratulations.

    Ruth Brown of the Central District placed second.  This was her 4th Masters.

    Joyce Smith of the Southern District placed third in this her second Florida Masters.  Mrs. Smith is also Treasurer of the USA-NSA, an organization of more than a dozen states.  

   Glenda Brake of the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club in the Central District placed fourth in her third FL Masters.  She was inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame in January.

    Debbie Norton of the Lee County Shuffle Club in the Southern District placed fifth in her second FSA Masters.

   Arlene Guerrini of Clearwater Shuffle Club in the West Coast District placed sixth in her 5th Masters.

    Pam Nurnberger of the Bradenton Shuffle club placed seventh this year in her fifth FSA Masters.  A former first lady of the Southwest Coast District, Pam won first last season and figured prominently in this column last week.

    Eighth place was shared by Allie Enos of the Southern District and Flo Kowalewski of Bradenton Shuffle Club who was the Alternate.  As an Alternate who got to play, she won the coveted white Masters Jacket this time.

    Earl Ball won the Men’s Division again.  Earl is one of only 3 shufflers to wear the green jacket signifying over 1000 FL points.  Betmar is Earl’s home club and he is an inveterate volunteer and perennial winner.

   Second for the Men was Dean Myklejord of Lakeland in the Central District playing in his 3rd Masters after only 7 seasons as a Pro.

    Third place was claimed by Ron Nurnberger of Bradenton Shuffle Club where he is now President.  A Pro for only 8 years, Ron was inducted, along with Pam into the FSA Hall of Fame in January. This was Ron’s 4th FSA Masters.

    Fourth place was won by Erik Hahmann, 33, of the St. Petersburg Club.  Eric is the youngest Pro in Florida, and perhaps youngest ever to qualify for the Masters.

    Fifth is Tom Putnam, of Trailer Estates and Michigan.  Tom is a tireless worker on discs and courts at Trailer Estates and won first place in the Pro Men Division of Southwest Coast District Masters recently.

         Sixth place went to Michael Seyfer of Zephyrhills Shuffle Club in his fourth Florida Masters.  Michael will be inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame to be held at Trailer Estates next January.

      Seventh place went to Ken Offenther of the South East Coast District in his 7th FL masters.  Ken is President of his District.

    Eighth is Ray Buck of Lee County in the Southern District, a member of the FSA Hall of Fame, a retired school teacher who lives in Cape Coral, a terrific citizen and friend.

    Tom Winklespect of Winters Park served as Alternate.

.   This column will resume in October.  Our readers are appreciated. We are blessed to have this opportunity to share the news of shuffleboard regularly.

Happy shuffling.

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2 Responses to John Brown Reflects on the 2019 Masters

  1. Earl Ball says:

    John, I must admit that this is the 1st time I’ve read your whole column and you do a great job! Guess I’ll pay better attention in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Linda says:

    John, there is a correction. Tom Winkelspecht is from the Central East Coast District and plays out of Wickham Park (Melbourne).
    Linda Rebholz


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