ISA Announces Three New Hall of Fame Inductees!

From Myrna Bilton

It gives me great pleasure to announce that three people will be inducted into the International Shuffleboard Association, Hall of Fame at the 38th ISA World Championship that will take place in Vienna, Austria …….October 27th – November 2nd, 2019.

Allie Enos from the USA will receive the “Player Award”

Rich Phifer from the USA will receive the “Special Award”

Oliver Schwarten from Germany will receive the “Special Award”

These three people are most deserving of this prestigious award. They are recognized for all they have done for the betterment of shuffleboard at the International level.


Myrna Bilton

International Shuffleboard Association,President

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1 Response to ISA Announces Three New Hall of Fame Inductees!

  1. Sandi Quinn says:

    Congrats to these three for this honor. I’m pretty sure most of the Pres. Emeritus’ of the USA National Shuffleboard Assoc. have been inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame, Special Award, usually nominated by their successor or by someone on the ISA Board. I was not and it hurts. As USA National Pres., I worked closely with the ISA Pres. at the time on the two ISA events of my tenure, and did a more detailed & extensive job as Pres. than many of my predecessors. In fact, I did for some of my predecessors part of their job for them. I was never given the respect I deserved as USA National Pres. and I know it was because I am a woman. I pray Myrna has not experienced this, and I’m sure the ISA Board are a more respectful group. I would have to say most of my shuffleboard experiences and successes over my 22 yrs. of involvement, whether playing or administrative, have been clouded by jealousies and chauvinism. I know it’s ‘sour grapes’ and probably no one cares, but I needed to get it out and let go.


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