Earl Ball Reflects On Stan McCormack’s Impact On The Sport

Earl Ball, 2019 Masters champion and green jacket holder, sends along his reflections of the impact Stan McCormack has had on the sport. His full comments are below.


All things seem to start with a Pioneer; think about it, we live in an era of pioneers. Individuals that go out into the wilderness of the unknown and do great things. They didn’t know they were going to do great things, or that one thing would lead to another, and the world wouldn’t be able to get along without what they did or started!

Stan started at the International Games in Clearwater in 2002 out of what he saw as necessity. All of these great stories about Players from Japan, Brazil, Canada and the United States and only those present knew what was going on. Thank goodness for all of us he decided to find a way to tell the world. The shuffleboard community will be forever in his debt. It wasn’t easy, as he faced push back from the sports most powerful, who saw hording knowledge as their base of power. Nevertheless he pushed on. As a result, the world found out that shuffleboard was more than just pushing discs out on a court or blasting them off. Players learned strategy, learned how decisions were made, and learned there were others everywhere in the world interested in the game. Inaugurals were held in many countries and the open communication allowed many players to take part, not just the select few. Stan weathered many obstacles and eventually was recognized for his efforts by being selected to several Halls of Fame.

Where would we be without him?


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2 Responses to Earl Ball Reflects On Stan McCormack’s Impact On The Sport

  1. Terry Rainwater says:

    Although there are many, Stan McCormack May have more to promoting Shuffleboard than any other individual. Hats Off Stan!

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  2. stanistheman says:

    Thank You So Very Much for your comment Terry. I am reading it now > 2020 04 05, for the first time. Stan


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