Report From Thames Horton Shuffleboard Club

The Thames Horizon Shuffle Club of Chatham, Ontario, has began its 2019 season. They have league play in the mornings and have had more than a full house each time.
They’re going to have four mingles/singles tournaments on June 6th, July 4th, Aug 1st, and September 5. Their season officially ends September 26th and we wish them all the best.
President Hubert Van Eerd tells me the club was started in 1987 by group of shufflers. Together with the owner of the land they built a steel building for 8 indoor courts. It is literally the only club in Canada with 8 Florida type courtsThey were very well built and after all these years there’s not a crack in them. With a little repairing being done to the surface they are still in good shape. 
Hall of Famer Glen Peltier, shown in the picture at the top of this post, shares his thoughts on this club and another fine Canadian club:
I belong to two local clubs in Canada. The  Chatham Ontario Thames Horizon Club and the Blenheim Golden Acres Club.  Both clubs are doing great and increasing their memberships every year. They have great board of directors but the main reason for their success has been Hubert Van Erb in Chatham and Roger Kellum in Blenheim. The Chatham club has been around for about thirty five years with eight great concrete courts, fine facilities and good parking.  The Blenheim club has been around for five years and has sixteen  courts, also fine facilities.  Blenhein club hosts the senior games and an official Ontario Association Tournament. Both these clubs welcome our American friends to come and play with us. Chatham boosts of their fine concrete courts and clubhouse and Blenheim boost of their sixteen courts and fine home cooked meals.  It is my pleasure to belong to these two fine clubs.
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