A “Look Back” to the FSA Masters of 2005!!

Roberta Day on the left, finished 2nd. Dianna Morrison on the right finished in 1st!! To see how close they were, read this article I wrote in 2005!!

Just in case you were beginning to think that all the stress and anxiety was in the Men’s Division ~~ think again!! The field in the Women’s Division was balanced and there were NO EASY WINS!! On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 6th, 2005 as Morrison and Day took to the Court to begin their match, everyone knew this was the match to watch; this was the match that could make the difference!! If Day can maintain her strong performance; if she can come out ON TOP in this 3 game match; she will have an excellent chance of going all the way. However; the converse is true, a loss against the every capable, the ever powerful player Morrison, will place Diana in an enviable position to begin the final day of this event!! Let me give you just a sample of the recording I made while watching their match: “Remember, Diana has the hammer and she has the winning disc on the board; OH, a terrific shot by Roberta, took out Roberta’s 8, an 8 that was partially covered, an 8 that was the “winning disc”. Roberta had 58, she has a 7 in play which makes her 65, Diana has a 7 on board and If she can score with her hammer, she can win this game!! (My remarks as Diana pauses) She is contemplating, she is ~~~~ thinking, she is ~~~~~ focusing, and she is about to shoot, she shoots, remember she needs the 8 to win!! Her disc ends up so close to the idiot line that the referee is required to examine it closely, IT IS GOOD, Diana wins the game, and the win places Diana Morrison in 1st place at the end of play on Day 3 of the FSA Masters.”

Stan of THE SHUFFLER 2005 04 06.
Dianna went on to Win The Women’s 2005 FSA MASTERS! 

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1 Response to A “Look Back” to the FSA Masters of 2005!!

  1. Earl Ball says:

    Great Players!
    Don’t they look young.

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