One of Shuffleboard’s Many “Moments to Remember”

A Moment to Remember

The photo above was taken during the 2011 Dieppe ISA Singles Event in Dieppe, New Brunswick.

Lois was making a “quick trip” to the lounge of the hotel to pick up a coffee. Her Japanese Kimono caught the attention of Kieko and then Reiko!! It was not long before the entire Japanese contingent had gathered to compliment her on her Kimono which had been a gift from her youngest son Wayne and daughter in law, Michele.
Yoshiko brought Lois this photo to Seattle in August of 2012 and presented it to Lois. Lois had been anticipating the photo and was extremely happy to receive yet another momento of the many happy memories of Shuffleboard. Thanks Japanese Shufflers!!

Stan 2012 08 16.

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3 Responses to One of Shuffleboard’s Many “Moments to Remember”

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    I love this story. I can relate to Lois appreciation to our Japanese friends.
    Over the years I have received beautiful gifts from them. I treasure each gift and they remind me of the love I have for our Japanese friends.


  2. myrna says:

    Lovely memory , Lois looks so elegant.

    Sent from my iPad



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