Akron National Mixed Doubles Results


A report from Bob Jones, Ohio State Shuffleboard Association First Vice President, on last week’s national mixed doubles tournament. Recaps like this are always encouraged and help bring a little color to the game.

National Mixed Doubles were hosted by Akron Shuffleboard Club June 10 and June 11, 2019. Shufflers from Florida, Indiana, and Texas joined the local Ohio players.
Ohio State Shuffleboard Association rules allow the host club to choose from a variety of formats. The Akron Club selected two out of three games. The first two games 16 frames or 75 points was used. If necessary, the third game is 16 frames, with 8 frames on each color.
New players and amateurs joined a strong field of experts.  At least 9 entrants were already proud owners of national pins. Also, 6/8 men and 7/8 women from the 2018 Ohio Roll of Champions came to test their strategy and skill.
After two days of intense play, accompanied by laughter and camaraderie, the finals was a rematch of 2018. Once again, Diana and Sam Allen prevailed over Cindy Slaughterbeck and Bob Jones, Jr. In the third game Diana and Sam turned a 14 point 7th frame deficit into a 30 point lead after the 12th frame, and closed out the match like champions. Twice Sam made key shots by squeezing an 8 in behind an awkward hide into the only spot possible.
We hope you join us next year as Diana and Sam try for the three-peat.
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