Royal Palm Shuffleboard Club Spring League Results (w/Video)

Ashley Albert, co-founder of the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Clubs in both Brooklyn and Chicago, passes along details and excellent reporting of the results of each club’s spring leagues. Having video is excellent and not something that has been part of shuffleboard reporting to this point. The game will only grow more if we can find a way to get more videos of shots and, eventually, entire matches.


In Chicago,Christy Gregory from Team Spongeworthy, made a gorgeous double-clear* to win the game for her formidable team.

*This was reportedly a planned shot and NOT just a lucky break (a teammate told me later that she turned to them before she shot and said “I think I can get the combo”.)

Spongeworthy is made up of:

From Left to Right
-Kim Marek
-Jessica Badger
-Emily Ellsworth (who is also a member of the Royal Palms Staff!)
-John Shaw (who placed 7th at The Can Am this year*!)
-Christy Gregory

(The entire team was down in St Pete with us to play in the Can Am in March!)

Second Place:
The members of Resting Biscuit Face were some of the first people to ever play on our courts and they continue to dominate. The team is comprised of mostly club investors but we can assure you, it was their shuffleboard skills and not their insider status that earned them the silver (Carrie And Andy were down in Florida with us too!)

Third Place (for the second season in a row!) went to the affable Slippery Biscuits another team whose visit to St Pete with us paid off!

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, The Philly Specials (aka There Will Be Biscuits/ aka The Pam and Phillies) cinched their THIRD Playoff win!

They may have changed their names a few times in the five years they’ve been in the league, but the quality of their play has never waivered.

From left to right
The Philly Specials are:
Peter Whitenack
Eric Goldman
Colin Kelly
Spencer Reich
Steve Graf

As witnessed by the video below, The Philly Specials were also the very first team to drink out of the cherished Flamingo Cup custom made for us by league players Anthony Buccaciala (from The SPF 45’s) and Eric McKeon (From Tangs of New York). Both of whom were also down in Florida with us. ric and his wife Madeline have come almost every year!

Second place was claimed proudly by Stephen Dargo’s newly fortified super-group Grandma’s Kitchen who, in 20 seasons, had never made it farther than 9th place. With the addition of Tangsgiving Singles Champ, Mike Dunlap, they’ve become ones to watch!

The VIPPS, another team that’s been with us since the very beginning took third, led by Nelson who represented Bolivia at the ISA World Championships in St Cloud. Their original captain and Royal Palms favorite Tim McKinney wasn’t on deck that night, but was definitely with them in spirit.

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1 Response to Royal Palm Shuffleboard Club Spring League Results (w/Video)

  1. Earl Ball says:

    All of you young folks are going to do what so many of us old timers tried so hard to do and that’s resurrect a great game. I’m so happy for you and proud to be around while you do it.


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