2019 Norma Faris Ohio Youth Doubles

Bob Jones passes along reports from both the 12 and under and 15 and under tournaments held in Lakeside, Ohio.

12 and under doubles: “The tournament had 14 teams entered. The two top teams drew each other in the first round. In an exciting match down to the last shot, Michael Swallow and Westin Lacey edged Conner Mulcahy and Aeden Aerni. Swallow and Lacey went on to win the tournament, and Mulcahy and Aerni won the consolation bracket.


15 and under doubles:

1.        Aedan Aerni – Connor Mulcahy
2.       Teddy Himmelright – Sara Himmelright
3.       Anna Smith – Nathan Hartenburg
4.       Katherine Strudt – Logan Liptak
1.      Spencer Chaney – Will Chaney
2.      Caden Polk – Seth Hartenburg
3.      Quincy Bettencourt – Maelin Lacey
4.      Carson Mulcahy – Ellie Gallagher

“14 teams participated in the Norma Faris Ohio Junior Doubles, age 15 and under.  Earlier in the week, Aedan Aerni and Connor Mulcahy won first consolation in the pre-teen 12 and under doubles.  They bounced back from that first round loss and won the Junior title in convincing fashion.”


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