Lakeside History And Tournament Information

Bob Jones passes along some history about the Lakeside Club and information about upcoming Ohio state and national tournaments.
“The Ohio Shuffleboard season comes to Lakeside for two weeks on July 8th for the Bill Slyh Any Doubles, followed by the Ohio State Doubles, then the slate of National Tournaments beginning July 15th.

On the Major League Baseball calendar, July heralds the time when the primary contenders have been identified and there is still time for a team currently off the pace to go on a hot streak and qualify for the playoffs.  Ohio Shuffleboard is similar.  Red Rudolph and Wilma Rudolph currently lead the 2019 Expert Point Standings. Many are hoping to win points in the Lakeside tournaments to push towards the top eight, who at season’s end earn a Roll of Champions pin.  The top 5 earn automatic invitations to next year’s Roll of Champions tournament.

So, who was Bill Slyh? Records in the Lakeside Heritage Society archives and conversations with people who knew him before his death in 1978 at age 90 give us some information. Bill Slyh was a High School math teacher from Cleveland, and was the second manager of the Lakeside courts serving from 1933-1955.  He started Lakeside’s first youth tournament in 1935, and was a proponent that men and women can compete equally.

The picture, from a July 1969 edition of the Peninsular News, shows Slyh with five Lakeside boys. On the far right is Chris Cermak, current president of the Upper Arlington Club and 2nd Vice President for Ohio,  who has won 9 national championships and counting.”


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