Moose Jaw July Singles Tournament Results

Below is a recap of the Moose Jaw July singles tournament results and HOF banquet sent along by Milly Schultz – SSA (Saskatchewan Shuffleboard Association) – Treasurer. Congrats, everyone!

The 25th Anniversary of the Moose Jaw singles tournament July 15-18, 2019 was a great success.  It started off with entertainment on on Sunday July 14 in Crescent Park, by three bands, Bonnie and the Jets, Alethia and the Alley Cats, and Just in Tyme.  The Mayor and SSA President were introduced by SSA Secretary Bob Cobbe. All were welcomed to Moose Jaw, hoped they would take some time to enjoy what Moose Jaw has to offer and wished the shufflers a good week of shuffling. People enjoyed the music and some dancing.  Monday started off with registration and opening ceremonies. President Earl Berard welcomed the shufflers, Aime Archer said the opening prayer and the sisters Milly, Shirley and Jane lead the singing of ‘Oh Canada’. The Drawmaster Bob Riddell read the rules and posted the start of the draws.  Gord Pollock from B.C. tossed the opening disk, and the games began.

A banquet of roast beef was held on  Tuesday July 16. The 25th celebration became emotional as eight long time shufflers were seated at the head table and were honoured for their many years of attending this shuffleboard tournament.  Bob Cobbe read a shuffleboard verse, Milly Schultz read a poem written by our last year’s winner, Don Swenson. The honourees were brought up and presented with a certificate for a life time membership.  Bill and Shirley Gould, Merrill and Muriel Miller, Pat and Al Rathgeber – HOF recipient, Larry Smith, Jane McWillie, and Stan Prime, Gordon Potter (absent). 

The Results:

“A” EVENT:  

1st – Bob Lockwood – SK

2nd – Brian Scott – AB

3rd – Alice Archer – SK

4th – Andy Nykolaishyn – AB


1st – Jerrold Delahey – SK

2nd – Bob Street – SK

3rd – Marlene Cowling – SK

4th – Earl Berard – SK


1st – Dale Crouch – MB

2nd – Howard Dugan – AB

3rd – Shirley Tucker – AB

4th – Chris Palmer – AB


1st – Gord Pollock – BC

2nd – Maddie Hall – BC

3rd – Don Krell – AB

4th – Shirley Wright – SK



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