North Carolina State Championship Results

Hendersonville NC, Shuffleboard Club

Tournament #15

North Carolina Championship Doubles M/L

Sponsored by: Hendersonville Bridge Club

Men’s Division


  1. Warren King & Stan Quinn
  2. Jay Fitzpatrick & Dave Wenger
  3. Lyle Walker & Larry Lumsden
  4. Ray Lawson & Joe Cote


  1. Jeff Luneau & Wally Thyssen
  2. John Klinger & Bud Wilber
  3. Yvon Lauzier & Harold Thorne
  4. Bruce Barnhart & Gene Monesi


(Your champions, Stan and Wally)

Ladies Division


  1. Carol Lumsen & Katy Walker
  2. Gail Chase & Lynda King
  3. Dorie Baker & Sandi Quinn
  4. Jan Thyssen & Betty Loveland


  1. Kathy Brennan & Jeanne Wenger


(Your champions, Carol and Katy)

Tournament Director: Lynda King


North Carolina State Championship Singles M/L

Sponsored by: Paco’s Custom Tile & Merrell Paint and Deco

Men’s Division:


  1. Jay Fitzpatrick
  2. Stan Quinn
  3. Lyle Walker
  4. Ray Lawson


  1. Dave Wenger
  2. Bud Wilber
  3. Sam Chalton
  4. Jeff Luneau

Ladies Division


  1. Lynda King
  2. Betty Loveland
  3. Kathy Brennan
  4. Katy Walker


  1. Gail Chase
  2. Jan Thyssen
  3. Cathy Lawson
  4. Sandie Morton

Tournament Director: Sandi Quinn


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