West Coast District Results For 10/10 & 10/17

Passed along by the always reliable Stan Bober.

October 10th & 11th held at Clearwater Shuffleboard Club

Pro Doubles


1st: Steve Raimondi & Tom Feeley

2nd: Roger Breault & Jim Schlie

3rd: Rosaire Cote & Glen Peltier

4th: Nellie Dunn & Rosmary Otmar


1st. Betty Bober & Jan Cote

2nd: Jam Lancaster & Gary Russell

3rd: Kathy Brennan & Rich Ackerman

4th: Bruce Pimental & Yvon Lauzier

Amateur Singles


1st: Larry Aaberg

2nd: Susan Howe

3rd: Kathy Grant

4th: Joe Gosselin


1st: Anthony Daleo

2nd: Lenny Superty

3rd: Roy Morgan

4th: Bill Fournier


10/17 Pro&Am Draw Doubles

    1st.  Al Robertson – Steve Raimondi
    2nd. Roger Breault – Rosaire  Cote
    3rd.  Roberta Glynn – Don Winkleblech
SAM_2428 (Small).JPG.opt408x229o0,0s408x229
    1st.  Nellie Daum – Doug Schmitt
    2nd. Jan Cote – Richard Ackerman
    3rd.  Betty Bober – Frank Niziolek
    4th.  Stan Bober – Fred Byda
    1st.  Danny Czapiewski – Larry Aaberg
    2nd. Jim Schlie – Al Ayotti
SAM_2426 (Small).JPG.opt408x229o0,0s408x229
    1st.  Jackie Breault – Dana Heston
    2nd. Eileen Gallagher – George Carpenter


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