ISA World Championship Results


2019 Final rankings from the International Shuffleboard Association World Championships from Vienna, Austria.

Fabienne Fluck of Germany took the Golden Cue on the woman’s side. Fabienne is just 15-years-old and obviously has a long and eventful shuffleboard career in her future.

Mats Graff-Wang of Norway, who is in his mid-20’s I believe, took home first place and the Golden Cue on the men’s side. Mats defeated another mid-20’s player in Torben Hussmann for the title. Torben is actually the one who taught me to play in 2013. His father, German Shuffleboard Association President and main reason shuffleboard has become so popular in Europe, Dieter Hussmann finished third.

If you’d like to see more pictures from the event you can CLICK HERE.

The finals of both divisions were streamed live on YouTube, thanks to Trevor Hess and Kevin Reedy of the Royal Palms Chicago Shuffleboard Club and Josh Dulabam of the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club. It was amazing to watch shuffleboard broadcast properly, with live commentary, for the first time. You can watch a replay of the final match, where you can fast forward and rewind at your leisure, HERE.

Women’s Final Rankings

1 Fluck, Fabienne
2 Stuart, Deborah
3 Hildebrand, Eileen
4 Takada, Sachiyo
5 Seybold, Thanh
6 Flatland, Anne-Lise
7 Gjelseth, Kristin
8 Brodie, Collette
9 Schwarten, Ina
10 Hoffmanns, Irene
11 Klem, Carol
12 Lenert, Petra
13 Sekine, Reiko
14 Grant, Kathlynn
15 Matsuo, Reiko
16 Engell, Ann
17 Swain, Stephanie
17 Yokosawa, Noriko
17 Hansson, Ellen
17 Hiromoto, Kazuko
17 Hanke, Doris
17 DiMaggio, Michelle
17 Bissillion, Gena
17 Sunde, Segell
25 Page, Christine
26 Albert, Ashley
27 Seaman, Cathy
28 Fowler, Beverly
29 Davis, Lesley
30 Runge, Kerstin
31 Campbell, Laura
32 Flatland, Katharina
33 Hellerslien, Ann Kristin
34 Hoare, Pauline
35 Dykman, Gerdien
36 Govett, Marjorie
37 Hill, Pam
38 Lindsay, Bernice
39 Rossetti, Evelyn
40 Bammer, Sabine
41 Allen, Beth
42 Doell, Sheryl
43 Hönig, Petra
44 Wood, Cindy


Men’s Final Rankings

1 Graff-Wang, Mats
2 Hussmann, Torben
3 Hussmann, Dieter
4 Engell, Evan
5 Schnapp, Jonathan
6 Runge, Sebastian
7 Flatland, Hallvard
8 Hildebrand, Peter
9 Jones, Bob
10 Bähren, Frank
11 Hirsch, Michael
12 Kawai, Akira
13 Schwarten, Oliver
14 Fluck, Hubert
15 Kohda, Toshio
16 Lindsay, Norman
17 Runge, Marius
18 Doell, Earl
19 Dykman, Gerrit
20 Reedy, Kevin
21 Stadtmüller, Stefan
22 Berg, Arnfinn
23 Campbell, Nev
24 Ball, Earl
25 Hansson, Olav
26 Simon, Steffen
27 Stuart, Darell
28 LaFerriere, Claude
29 Gjelseth, Pål
30 Davis, Sean
31 Grant, Marvin
32 Yokosawa, Morio
33 Dulabaum, Joshua
34 Paar, Gerald
35 Hoffmanns, Dieter
36 Hirning, Gerd
37 Dewey, Sam
38 Davis, Peter
39 Rossetti, Alan
40 Heun, Ulrich
41 Blättel, Sascha
42 Kikushima, Hiroyuki
43 Hatanaka, Kazunari
44 Seaman, Trevor
45 Pavao, Paulo
46 Hess, Trevor
47 Snilsberg, Bård
48 Thorne, Harold
49 Hanssen-Tangen, Terje
50 Krappel, Peter
51 Reiher, Ian


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