Why Is There No Women’s Walking Singles?

The Tournament of Champions brings along the last singles tournament of the season. There are only three tournaments a year on the Florida state schedule that allow for a walking singles division. However, for the past seven years there has only been a men’s walking division. The last time there was a women’s walking division in any tournament in the state was the 2013 red line singles in Bradenton. Sixteen women entered and Judy Taylor came away victorious. The Tournament of Champions, held two months later, failed to draw enough entries for a women’s walking division.

What happened to the women’s walking division? I’m asking for your answers in the replies because I legitimately would love to know. Is the field of women’s players not being replenished with enough new blood who may be interested in walking? Does the physical aspect of it take too big a toll on players? Or is there just no interest from the current crop of players? Another reason?

I put in a 10 day notice this season that would allow a woman to walk in the men’s division if there were not enough entries in the women’s walking. I hope that has support enough to pass because I know some women who would prefer to walk and play a 75 point game instead of 16 frames.

If you have a suggestion please leave a reply in the comments.

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1 Response to Why Is There No Women’s Walking Singles?

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    Erik, i for one am all for the women to have their own walking singles. Please do not try to have women play in the mens walking singles. It took years to get women to have their own division. Women were close to having enough players. Many women would love to walk. Some people are pushing for women and men all play together. I hope the women insist on having their own division. Limiting player numbers because of points given hurt districts who have small charts because of traveling to far away places. It is hard enough for those far away places without players losing points because of a small draw. We need all seven districts to be the fsa. Glen Peltier.


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