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Earl Asks: Do You Sometimes Feel Like Asking a Playeer IF He/She Would Like Your Help??

IT CONTINUOUS TO BOTHER ME THAT A PLAYER CAN’T GET HELP I’ve been back playing the last few days in a drWaw round-robin and each day I’ve had players that needed a little help and wanted help. So, as we … Continue reading

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And the Special Award Goes to Ann Hersom!!!

DAVE MINNICH PRESENTS ANN HERSOM – SPECIAL AWARD!! Dave Minnich Speaks:  SPECIAL: What does the word mean? When I looked up this word in the dictionary, I found, among other definitions, extraordinary — doing things above the call of duty. … Continue reading

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We Have a Challenge For You!! Name from your left, to right, back row first. Leave reply in the Comment Section below the article.

The Central District TOP 8 Pro Masters Tournament. I request that the 2nd and 4th individuals, back row, NOT respond.   The Masters concept for the CD was really conceived by Bill Smith, tournament director for Central District at a … Continue reading

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Earl Said This in 2013 as a Leadup Article to the Masters!!

THOUGHTS ABOUT THE “MASTERS” PLAYERS BY EARL, the 2013 Masters!! The players, of course, are the best in Florida as testified to by fact that they scored the most points across the entire season. Let’s take a look at what … Continue reading

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Glen Asks: What Side Are You On???

What side are you on??? Many players want change. They want frame games. No more walking singles, Eight on each colour; One-day tournaments; Two discs for lagging; pre sign ups so we have an exact number on the chart. Some … Continue reading

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Day 1, Article 2 of Inaugural to Holland and Germany. 2008 04 21 The Tulip Inn of Amsterdam Is Where We Will Stay.

THE PERSONIFICATION OF INTERNATIONAL SHUFFLEBOARD On Monday, April 21st, 2008 following breakfast at the Tulip Inn in Amsterdam, 2 Normal Size Roll Out Shuffleboard Courts were put down, along with a smaller version of a Shuffleboard Court. This was to … Continue reading

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Living in Isolation during the COVID-19 “Attack”!! Stan Shares His Experience!!

Stan McCormack Speaks: COVID-19 > We Shall Remember You!! 2020 04 28 Living in Isolation. Living in isolation has taken some getting used to but changes are necessary in order to stay safe. That is my work station. Pic taken … Continue reading

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14 Years Have Passed!! Do You Think He Has Had Another???? Maybe He Will Tell Us??

EARL”THE PEARL” BALL HAS A SENIOR MOMENT ON THE LAKESIDE COURTS!! by Gus Bondi! I played opposite of Earl Ball for the entire International Tournament at Lakeside this past week and it was an inspiration to me seeing him there … Continue reading

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We Return Briefly to the Inaugural to Holland and Germany of 2008.

Stan Speaks:  I will now do a brief review of our 2008 Inaugural.   In 2008 we posted our pix in a different fashion.  Accordingly; now, 12 years later, it is difficult to sync the pix with the narrative. One … Continue reading

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Kenny Offenther Asks a Question This Time???? Think of it? Does He Not Always Ask A Question??

ARE BALL AND WILLIAMSON THE BEST TEAM IN SHUFFLEBOARD HISTORY?? I congratulate Earl Ball and Stan Williamson on reaching the 200 point level as a team. I have no doubt that they are as good a team as any in … Continue reading

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