HISTORY OF THE “MASTERS” IN MY TIME BY Earl Ball! Updated on 2017 04 07.

As The Masters Is In All Shuffler’s Minds, this is appropriate.

Doug Schmitt just now added this comment: Douglas Schmitt Love the masters format for walking singles. As Earl points out many times it goes past the top 8 points earners to round out the field. Maybe the player who earns the most points in the combined 3 walking singles tournaments could be included as 8 position instead of going down the list. Thoughts?

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I’ve been asked many times about the history of the “Masters” and I may be the link between the past and the present.  My 1st “Masters” in 2000 was played at the St Pete Club and that was the last “Masters” held at St Pete.  What I’m about to say may be correct and may be almost correct.  Maybe Mary Eldridge or Glen Peltier will straighten out whatever I get wrong.  The “Masters” was a bit of an afterthought and as such was played after the regular season as it is now.  Earl, it was Harold and Beulah Dunbar that put up the money for the Masters to be held at St. Pete forever. They left $200.000. This money was used for other things. Mary Eldridge did her best to salvage what she could; Glen Peltier. There are 8 courts in front…

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