No Sticks!! No Lunch Cooler?? What Is He Going To Do????

STIR CRAZY by Earl Ball

This is my 3rd week off, I don’t care much for time off, I guess. I’ve done all the spring house cleaning, cleaned out closets, cleaned under and behind appliances, washed the house and even the windows.  AND,  I did all of that in my White Jacket??? I REALLY DO NEED ADVICE FROM ANYONE WHO CAN OFFER ADVICE???? I noticed when I got up in the morning and the sun shown on the windows that it still looks like someone threw mud at them; guess I’m not very good at windows. All of this and my season wasn’t supposed to be over until now. I’m trying my darndest to sleep until 7:00, I’m getting better. I still have too much time on my hands as the scale has told me; 5 pounds in 15 days. I could really be heavy by the time shuffle starts again.
I just brought the sticks in from the car and that really makes this all real. The Zephyrhills Club closed today, we are all supposed to stay home. I’ve had sticks in the car forever but now there’s no summer season, at least not for a while. I put the lunch cooler away, what next?
Earl  4-3-2020   (Send “Advice” to )

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1 Response to No Sticks!! No Lunch Cooler?? What Is He Going To Do????

  1. deborah p stuart says:

    Earl — write a book. Or — do videos and explain why you are making that “shot” (if you can find a court that will allow you to do that). I know you have written short essays — and they are good – but maybe with this free time you can gather all that together, put it together with more info, and get me smarter at this game! Just a thought!!


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