Earl Asks A Question of John, President of the FSA CD; John Replies

Question From Earl: what do you see for the future of the Central District.  We invite questions from YOU!! You may leave your question in the Comments Section beneath the posting > OR you may e-mail Earl at earlballzhills@gmail.com OR John at jhoughtaling3@tampabay.rr.com


John Responds:  …..Great question Earl, especially in light of the current situation!! With that said, I believe that the CD will carry the banner onto the future with shuffle board since it is the largest district in the state along with the very best playing surfaces at most venues and without question, the finest players in the state percentage wise. I do believe that the CD will, in time as all districts will, be realigned by geographics due to, in part, travel problems, number of players within the game and just the sheer size of the CD just to name a few of the issues facing the game itself. I do believe that with good leadership at the State level Shuffle Board has the opportunity to continue to grow; IE: The great work that Erik is doing in St. Pete with the younger generation to promote the game, those folks in New York and Chicago getting more involved, loosening up of the stale way of thinking at the State level to think outside the box in terms of sponsorship monies and perhaps TV exposure. I do know that there are a couple of avenues that David K. is exploring within the broadcasting media that has great possibilities and potential. After all, if corn hole can be a sport to watch on TV, certainly Shuffle Board has a chance to do the same!!!!!!!!!!

Respectfully, John

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