FSA President Kudro Takes Your Questions

Serving FSA President Dave Kudro Has Agreed to Answer Your Questions With Respect to The Current “Situation” of  Shuffleboard in Florida. If You have a Question, please leave it in the comments section below this post OR send it to Dave at dpkudro@yahoo.com OR Earl at earlballzhills@gmail.com The first question is from Earl Ball.

1. You knew to stop the season, how did you know?

Dave: Before retiring I was always inundated with daily information to read and develop action plans. These action plans were not only to deal with current situations, but also to forecast trends. I would take information from the past and present to anticipate and prepare for future situations. An action plan had to be monitored daily and sometimes situations change and adjustments have to be made. Situational “Change” is the toughest controversial decision to implement.
After the Clearwater Tournament of Champions (TOC), on Wednesday and Thursday was one of my busiest 48 hours as FSA President. With all reports stating that the highest risk category for catching the COVID-19 virus was the elderly and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. This IS the majority of our shuffleboard family.
I made calls to the Executive Board members and on March 12, 2020 I wrote a letter (attached) to the Executive Board, District Presidents, District State Representatives and ALL FSA members. It was posted on the front page of the FSA website. I was glad to see that this message reached several of the FSA members as I was getting responses from calls to emails and texts. The initial idea was to discuss this issue at our FSA board meeting on the possibility of canceling the rest of the season.
In a few short hours plans changed quickly. Board members were concerned about all 21 board members and guests being in close quarters in our usual meeting room at Sebring. Emails also addressed not only their concerns but individuals sending a replacement due to high risk health conditions to not attending at all.
One of my phone calls was to return a call from Larry Harvey Vice President of the Avon Park Shuffleboard Club. In talking with Larry, his concern was the COVID-19 virus and hosting P26B in a couple of weeks. The split was was 26A at Clearwater. In our conversation, we both came to the realization that both facilities are enclosed and would increase the odds of exposure to COVID-19. I told Larry I wanted to get the thoughts and opinions from Clearwater Shuffleboard Club President Kathy Brennan. In talking with Kathy, she had the same concerns and was quick to want to protect not only the Clearwater Club members but all FSA members that would attend. Sound reasoning by both Larry, the Avon Park board, Kathy and the Clearwater board, it was evident that the remaining season must be addressed immediately.
In the next few hours with calls, emails and texts, an email with an FSA motion was submitted to the full board to suspend the season. For those interested here is the email and motion:
[Dear Board Members]
Due to the CDC ruling the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) a pandemic situation, the sporting world ending their seasons, I have had to take a serious look into how the virus would or could have an effect on our FSA Shuffleboard players. Given that the majority of our players are elderly and are considered in the high risk category, to not only get the Corona Virus, but it could actually be fatal. Our immediate action is required.
As President, I have discussed this extensively with the Executive Board, and we are all in agreement that the 2019-2020 season should end at midnight March 13, 2020.
I have had several calls from FSA members that we should not put our shuffleboard players in jeopardy for the remaining three (3) tournaments. I have talked to both the Avon Park and Clearwater Presidents and being they are city owned as well as enclosed shuffleboard facilities, they DO NOT want to host P26A&B and put their shuffleboard players and the community in jeopardy.
With all the serious conditions that could occur, that there are only three (3) tournaments, our shuffleboard players are in the high risk category and all other sports venues have canceled their seasons we have to realize the possibility of our FSA members not only catching the virus, but could possibly die. This harsh reality would greatly effect us, and we would greatly regret our decision to keep shuffling as if everything was okay.
The Executive Board Unanimously RECCOMENDS that the 2019-2020 season end immediately.
Due to the seriousness of the Corona Virus and in the best interest of our FSA players and Organization, we hereby will suspend and end the 2019-2020 Season effective midnight 03/13/20. With the passage of this motion, and ending of the season, the March 14, 2020 board meeting will be postponed and all scheduled business will be conducted at the October 17, 2020 meeting.

I vote FOR the motion X
or I vote AGAINST the Motion.
David P Kudro FSA President

The full board members were FANTASTIC and I greatly appreciated their quick responses.
The motion passed overwhelmingly and within a few hours, the Executive Board, District Presidents, State Representatives and the other Full Board made the difficult decision to end the season. The Newsbreak is posted on the FSA website.
As FSA President, I didn’t want one FSA member to contract the COVID-19 virus and couldn’t of lived with myself should one of our members pass if we did nothing.
As the COVID-19 virus continues to grow in pandemic portions, I want to thank the, Executive and Full Board for their foresight in making this decision and all the FSA members who have taken the time to let me know they supported this decision.
God bless all our shuffleboard family and wishes of a safe and healthy summer.

David P Kudro FSA President

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4 Responses to FSA President Kudro Takes Your Questions

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Well done Dave. It’s only a Game that evolves around friendships. Lose the friendships the game is meaningless. There will be plenty of time for games after this virus runs its course.


  2. john Houghtaling says:

    Great response David!!!!


  3. Tom Winkelspecht says:

    I was disappointed, but our board made the correct decision. Thank you, have a safe summer and I will see you all in the courts in the fall.


    • Earl A Ball says:

      Tom, like you I was disappointed too but I congratulate our leaders on making the right decision.


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