Shuffleboard Is Relationships!! Relationships are Friendships!!!


Stan Speaks:  On Saturday, April 4th (2020) we published the story, the fine story which ISA President Myrna Bilton has referenced.  To gain complete understanding of Myrna’s comments, one should re-read the referenced article.  The last one third of the article beginning here: Two ways Shuffleboard connected me with my past. is the connection.

Jim Corbeil Canada, Dieter Hussmann Germany, Kazunari Hatanaka Japan, Peter Davis United Kingdom, Myrna Bilton, Bernar Borges Brazil, Ian Reiher Australia, Rob Robinson USA.

Myrna Bilton Speaks: Thank you Jim Corbeil for telling the story of how we met. You have inspired me to reply, of how thankful that I am that you have joined me on my journey of life. Thanks to Muriel Burnett for doing the Ancestry search. I have read stories about families finding one another, but never thought I would find anyone.
Thanks to SHUFFLEBOARD I found Jim Corbeil on my mother’s side here in Canada and Don Woods on my fathers side in Florida.

Don Woods and I met at Lee County Shuffleboard courts where we were members about 10 years ago. I said to Don “you remind me so much of my Dad, Clifford Woods… you think we could be related?” We agreed we both would bring our Woods family history to Florida the next fall. Sure enough we got a match!!! Unbelievable as Don is from North Dakota, USA and me from Ontario, Canada.
I feel so blessed to have added Jim and Don to my family tree.

Do we play Shuffleboard just for the game and points? Not me!! I value the camaraderie and the many friendships that I have made from around the world.
Thank you Stan for giving us this opportunity to share our stories.
Myrna Bilton

Myrna & Jim on Left; Jim, Marlene & Myrna on right.

Don Woods & Myrna (Woods) Bilton Left. Muriel Burnett, Jim & Myrna on Right.

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