The Quinns, Stan and Sandy Share With Us.

We Hear From Sandi and Stan Quinn!!!

Hello Earl & Stan, Spring has sprung in Hendersonville a little too early and I’m afraid it’s going to be a hot summer. All of the flowering trees and shrubs are in beautiful bloom and daffodils blooming everywhere. Spring and Autumn are the most beautiful times here in the NC mountains! As Lynda reported, shuffleboard and all other activities at the Club and Whitman Center have come to a halt, not knowing when to begin again. Although, an unidentified source told me that Harold went in to clean the courts recently . . we love our Harold! Normally, 6 to 12 players play all winter on the indoor courts at Halfway Tree. They are not heated but everyone bundles up and enjoys 3 to 4 hours of play out of the wind, rain, etc. Unfortunately, that has come to a halt also. 😢 There are several who have returned to H’ville for the summer, like the Lovelands, the Letts, the Luneaus and perhaps more, and it’s terrible that we can’t get together with them to welcome them back. Emails, the phone and FB will have to do for now. It’s a little scary to venture out to the grocery store but we’re going to have to tomorrow. We will wear masks and try to be careful. Stan keeps telling me, “If I get this thing, I’m a goner!” The whole thing is scary & unsettling. S. Korea declared an ‘all clear’ and then it resurfaced . . how are we going to know when it’s really safe to go back to normal??! I really hope we can salvage most of our summer shuffle schedule . . we have so much fun. In the meantime, take care & God’s blessings to ALL, Sandi


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2 Responses to The Quinns, Stan and Sandy Share With Us.

  1. seliseq1 says:

    Correction on my article: Whitmire Center (not Whitman)


    • kastawaykaty says:

      “Thank You Sandi” … We sure enjoyed your article & hearing about you folks now in Hendersonville. It lifts our spirits and reminds us of the camaraderie with the friends we’ve made. Stay well, Blessings to you also … Katy & Lyle


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