What Do You Do On A “Normal” Day?? Please Share With Us!!

Greetings From Sunny Florida from Earl Ball!! 

Below, Earl has given us an example of an Avid Shuffler’s Life >> when there is No Shuffling!!  Earl and I INVITE YOU TO SHARE WHAT YOU ARE DOING >> WHETHER OR NOT YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN DISTURBED TO THE SAME EXTENT!!!  Put quite simply “Please Share Your Story With Our On-Line Audience”!!  Please send to earlballzhills@gmail.com  or Stanistheman_200@yahoo.com 

Cindy  Wood Ironing Earl Speaks:  Hi Stan, The pix are of Cindy Wood, my significant other. Pic on the left, as a Shuffler, pic on the righ > Ironing because she hasn’t got much to do. You know things are slow when you start Ironing. Cindy is a Central District St. Am and has qualified for the Central District ” St Am Masters” the last 3 years. She is an avid shuffler, playing many tournaments and local events.
I’ve always wondered why people can’t remember what day it is, now I’m losing track. A normal week is up at 4 or 5 in the morning on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to go to a tournament. Wednesday is catch up day if the tournament isn’t still going on. Saturday morning and Sunday morning are also catchup times so I can play a local event on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. On most days I visit my mother-in-law who lives in assisted living. Life generally is a blur.
Boy are the days and weeks long now!

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3 Responses to What Do You Do On A “Normal” Day?? Please Share With Us!!

  1. Ken and Verena Wardley says:

    Nice to hear from you and stay safe. Something I found to be very good at taking the place of our beloved Shuffleboard is Woodcarving. It like Shuffling you would have tom concentrate on the piece to carve, whether it be a figurine or a puppy or something you would like to give to your Grandchildren. It would be a fond memory. Can you not hearing them say”my Grandpa made this for me” Try it you might enjoy. Would love to hear how you made out.


    • Earl A Ball says:

      Thank you for the thought. I’m sure I would cut my figures off. Ken must be very steady. I might be what you would call hyper, although I think I’m calm as a cucumber.


      • Ken Wardley says:

        Then Earl if you are steady why not carve a cucumber or carrot. Just try it. You can use a jackknife to get started..
        Nike says ; JUST DO IT
        It could help it has for many others
        Best wood to use would be basswood


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