CNSA President Jim Corbeil Reports.

Hi Stan. It is great to have you back on the keyboard again. It is times like this when we have to pull together and get through this pandemic. I know I have missed your blog; everyday most of us would get on our computer to see what was going on in the shuffleboard world.
I really feel for Ian and Marj, I know how much work and planning goes into hosting an ISA Tournament.
Our 28 or so CNSA members who were planning to attend the ISA Tournament in Australia are very disappointed. We were all looking forward to the tournament as well as touring Australia.
I have had nearly all of the players ask if it will be held in 2022. It would be nice to be able to go down under “mate”.
Ian, if you do decide to host the 2022 ISA World Team Championship Tournament you will have the full support of the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association.
We here in Canada have also had to put shuffleboard on hold as we cope with this terrible virus. As most shuffleboard players are seniors, we have to be very careful and stay away from crowded areas, wash our hands often and practice social distancing.
Hopefully in the not too distant future we will all be back on the courts playing the game we all love to play.
Stay safe and healthy everyone stay inside.
God bless all of you,
Jim Corbeil, President CNSA


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