Quinns Have Them? McCormacks Have Them? Bergs Have Them??? What the Heck Are They???

Sandi Quinn Speaks:  Meet Bosco! Bosco is pretty much a nightly visitor to get a drink from our bird bath and the reason I have to bring in my 7 bird feeders every night. He/she is not practicing the quarantine rules at all! Sandi and Stan Live in NC

Peter and Ericka Now Tell Their “Bear Story” Click:


ANOTHER Bear Story For You, this time by Stan McCormack!! 

I go back 10 years, back to 2010 for this story.  At that time Lois and I lived in Calabogie, ON which is north of Ottawa.  We lived in our son’s Ski Chalet. I have given you a winter pic on the left; after all, it is a Ski Chalet.

On the evening of July 4th, 2010 at 23:15, Lois sat up cautiously in her bed and asked: “Did you hear that?” Normally I would respond in the negative and suggest that we go back to sleep. However; I too had heard something, and that something sounded like someone walking on our veranda?? I quickly dressed, thinking it may be someone at the door. I was correct; it was someone at our door!! It was a Black Bear and he was directly in front of the door!! As I flicked on the outside light and jarred the door, the Bear was frightened to the extent that he/she moved quickly to the opposite end of the veranda and upon reaching the edge, kept on moving into the dense wood.
However; our story does not end here. The next morning with the benefit of daylight, we observed that the Bear had torn 3 Trim Boards off the garage in his search for food. Not only that, he chewed and clawed the door frame.
No doubt the Bears in this area are desperately short of food as the refuse site “dump”, has been closed. It was their personal supply of food!!
We removed all garbage from our garage and cleaned the floor with javex so as to remove any odor pleasing to the bear.
Notwithstanding our cleaning, notwithstanding that 7 nights have passed and no garbage has been placed in the garage >> this evening at 22:15 July 11th, our Black Friend returns. Lois and I were each at our computers when we heard him on the veranda!! I made some noise and as I opened the door, he took off in the same direction.
Thinking that our neighbor had children up for the weekend, I thought the responsible thing to do was to alert them that the Bear was on the prowl!! It turned out that no children were present but rather it was A Girl’s Weekend! They thanked me and wanted me to stay for a drink!! As I told them, had I been 30 years younger I would have accepted!! They seemed to be having a great time and I do hope the Bear Threat did not dampen their spirits!!

Stan: Recording our History! 2010 07 11 22:45.

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