(1) Random Selection From the Archives of The Shuffler

Earl  and I believe Readers will find it interesting to look back, to reflect on shuffleboard events from the past, to think about the Shufflers in the articles. Most of us have TIME; most of us are “confined” in some way.   IF, when reading a particular article, it brings back vivid memories for YOU, please send along those memories to Stanistheman_200@yahoo.com >> OR,  if brief, leave your memory in the comment section below the article.   Let’s Begin!!

The OSA (Ontario Shuffleboard Assn.) Singles Event ended on June 14th of 2006. Although the Expert level of participation was less than desired or expected, the Amateurs turned out in “big numbers”!! The majority of the AMs were from the local area and this is clear evidence that shuffling is AOK in the Midland/Coldwater area. Should add that it was great to see so many participants who drove from Sudbury!! Good to have you!!
I believe that everyone would agree the event was a success; things ran smoothly; lots of gifts/prizes and all appeared to be having a great time. The Midland Club is to be congratulated.

Two Couples had a particular and significant impact on the success of the event.  Ed and Doreen McGrath (on the left) collected just under $800.00 in gift certificates and gifts!!! The long list of supporters from the Midland area are to be thanked. IT CAN BE DONE FOLKS!! Thanks to Ed and Doreen!!
The Pollocks, strangers to almost no shuffler, did what they always do!! Work to ensure our enjoyment!! Lorraine ensuring the Tournament ran smoothly; Bill assisting Lorraine, applying beads, not only assisting in laying out the Roll Out Courts but also cleaning and sweeping as the tournament wound down. Just a great job “guys”!! Our sincere appreciation to the contribution the two of you continue to make to shuffleboard!! Bill did find time to demonstrate his always present “good humour” by allowing me to catch him “encouraging Lorraine”!!
Stan of THE SHUFFLER, 2006 06 15.


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