(4) From the Archives of The Shuffler: Harriett Smith

Ever heard of Harriet Smith?? I believe a review of  her contribution is indicated. To begin, please go here: https://theshuffler.net/2015/03/16/others-who-sponsored-the-cd-masters/

BETMAR, FL 2006 03 18.

I’m Earl Ball and it’s a great honor to be able to induct Harriet Smith into the Central District “Hall of Fame”, Special Awards Category. We lost Harriet two summers ago, just before we were planning to nominate her for this award. She was so big a part of shuffleboard and the success of the Central District that we decided to go ahead and induct her posthumously and further, to wait until we could do it here, at her home in Betmar.

Harriet was a part of shuffleboard for 40 years, an outstanding player who accumulated over 500 points, a “Masters” Champion inducted into both the Florida Shuffleboard Association and National “Halls of Fame” in 1978. She was still an outstanding player in her later years as attested to by the fact she made the Central District “Masters” as late as 2003. But Harriet was one of those rare people who did more. She traveled the world promoting the sport; even bought the equipment to get the shuffleboard club started in Ireland; and sponsored tournaments at the State and District level. When we lost our Central District “Masters” sponsor, she stepped forward and took over sponsorship. She accepted the National representative’s job for the Central District when we needed someone who could attend the National meetings in Ohio because as she would say “her motor home would go anywhere”. She held office in the Central District on numerous occasions, sometimes more than one position at a time. She gave of her experience to all of us trying to make a difference in the great game of shuffleboard and we’ll all miss her.
It is with true pleasure, and great honor, that I present Harriet Smith for induction into the Central District “Hall of Fame”. Dick Kucia, President of the Betmar Club, will accept the nomination of Harriet.
Earl Ball, 2006 03 18.    To review the efforts by Dorothy Wagasky and Harriett, click on the link.   SHUFFLING IN IRELAND by Dorothy UP SHUFFLING IN IRELAND by Dorothy UP


Above is the brochure promoting the Shuffleboard facility.  AND,  you got it! That is Stan and Lois, Stan holding the reins; Lois ready to jump should we begin to go forward. lol Green Acres was but one of our many stops on the Inaugural to Ireland  in the year 2000.

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  1. deborah p stuart says:

    Loved it. Thanks.


  2. stanistheman says:

    THANK YOU >> for the feedback!!!!


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