Earl Wants An Article To Brighten Our Lives!!! He Chose The Title!!


Earl Speaks: Shuffleboard and life for that matter are full of both! It’s not unusual to hear a new retiree say, “I retired to play, not to work”. It, also, usually doesn’t take long though for that person to find out they need to do something or life is empty and you’ll see them out doing their part. Sometimes their part and someone else’s also (Jim Bailey, Joan Wheeler and many others like them), we could always use more of them. “Helping out” and “doing something to help” is contagious, I’m sure you’ve seen players who don’t do anything and then a new guy comes along and is struggling to do a job and he asks the old-timer for a hand or the old-timer just “steps up” and says let me show you how to do that, all of a sudden you have a new contributor. Happens all the time, all you need is the right circumstance!
Well Folks, I’m the new guy and thank God the Old Guy, Stan, stepped up and said “Let me show you how it’s done”.

Stan Speaks: I am now living in a Senior Living Centre in Lindsay Ontario. I may share more of that later, but right now I want to tell you that The Guy in the White Tux telephoned me on “April Fools Day”???  That will help you understand why I followed along as he made his Presentation, listened carefully, and agreed with everything he said!!!   It was sometime later in the conversation that I came to the realization that HE WAS NOT KIDDING!!  SO, here we are, two of us doing our best to give you one more option; to keep you tuned into Shuffleboard!!   To give YOU the opportunity to express YOUR POINT OF VIEW on anything we write about; to tell your life story should you so decide.   Based on the number of views to the Shuffler site, we got off with a bang!!!  Our curve was a fairly sharp rise (Heck, we are all up to speed on curves given the impact of COVID-19) peaking on April 7th with 501 Views!! You “guys and gals” are flattening it out just a bit.  Earl and I do hope this and similar articles will keep you clicking on The Shuffler https://theshuffler.net/

Stan in Suite 222 at Adelaide Place, Lindsay ON



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