(6) From the Archives of The Shuffler. We Talk With Glen Peltier

I interviewed Glen Peltier in Sebring during the Orange Blossom of 2005.  At that time I carried a recorder, and thus was able to capture verbatim one’s opinion.


Glen Peltier needs no introduction to the world of Shuffling. Glen has been shuffling many years, he is a serving member of the FSA Board, and at the present time serves as 3rd Vice President and is a member on 3 Committees. He is one of the all time point scorers of the Sport, achieving a lifetime total of 965 points. As of the end of Dec. 2004, Glen ranked 4th on the 04-05 Season with 18 points.
I spoke with Glen while he was in Sebring to participate in the Orange Blossom~~State Tournament. THE SHUFFLER: With the question of the popularity of shuffling in some question; given that the current President, Mr Clarence Wright has established a senior committee to make recommendations with regard to increasing participation, I want to ask you to give your view on this subject. Glen replies: “I feel that I am always optimistic about shuffling, I think that shuffleboard is in a lot better shape than most people think it is to-day. One of the reasons that I think it is in such good shape is that we have always had a good Board, a good Florida Shuffleboard Assn Board, we have stuck with a somewhat similar point system, to make it consistent with the past, and as much as we think that we are only given 5 points for singles to-day ~~ which would seem to diminish the amount of points, I don’t think that is true, because when I started we never gave any points in consolation, there were no split tournaments~~so I believe that one thing would balance out the other. So far we have been able to keep the rules fairly consistent and I think that the more consistent we can keep them~~I think that shuffleboard will do nothing but grow. I think right now with the split tournaments, our participation is as high, or very close to as high as what it has been in the past two or three years, and I see nothing but good for shuffleboard. I believe that is one of the reasons people come from other states ~~ because they know that we have a Pro Circuit here, and they know it is the best in the world and I like to think of Florida Shuffleboard as the best in the world. I believe we must keep the Pro Circuit THE SHOWCASE OF SHUFFLEBOARD. The Pro Circuit should be the showcase, we can do whatever we want with the Districts, we can do what we wish in the Parks~~we can turn it into some other kind of kitty game~~if they want~~BUT AT LEAST THE PRO CIRCUIT SHOULD REMAIN THE PROFESSIONAL PRO CIRCUIT!!” THE SHUFFLER: Thank you very much for those remarks Glen. I can tell you feel very strongly about the position you have advanced. You made a cogent case for leaving the Pro Circuit, the “State Tournaments”, as they are. Stan McCormack 2005 01 03.

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