(7) Shuffler Archives: 2007 Article of Dedication and Determination!!

Good pix of Glenn on his bike while officiating at the Central District Masters!! Good for the image of shuffleboard!! However; don’t let the relaxed look, the comfortable lifestyle appearance fool you!!!
Glen is the Vice President in charge of the Reiny Pro-Masters Event ~~ and as the CD President said when introducing Glenn at Zephyrhills, the location of the 2006-2007 Event, “unless and until you have experienced this task, you have no idea of the headaches involved.” It seems that some of us (the competitors) just cannot make up our mind; some of us have other things that may or may not preclude our participation; and finally, quite often the results are not known until just about the last minute!! And remember there are 48 individuals to work with.
We must point out that Glenn had the very capable support of Lorraine Pollock for the “hands on” duties and responsibilities on the final day of the Tournament. This is quite in evidence if you have viewed the many pix of Glenn presenting trophies and prize money to the winners ~~ Lorraine is in the background of almost every pix ~~ unless of course I “cropped her out”, as I did in some.
And that is all that Glenn does all year ~~ you ask!! Well, that and perform the duties of Club President at Lakeland!! If you play at Lakeland, you will know that Glenn has duties ~~ cleaning, sweeping, waxing discs, beading courts, picking up discs, carrying out discs, and as well what we may call the normal duties of the President!!! This is not to demean the significant contribution of those who pitch in and help ~~ there is lots of work to go around. This is especially true as Lakeland is the host Club for the FL State Masters Tournament which begins this Monday and runs until Thursday. (Lakeland also hosted the Fun Day and General Meeting of Central District.) Three guesses who will be there first thing in the morning and last thing at night for the duration of this demanding event???
All Shufflers can be glad that we have “other Glenns” in other Clubs who make similar sacrifices so that the rest of us continue to enjoy the GAME OF SHUFFLEBOARD!!
THANKS GLENN on behalf of all Florida Shufflers.
Stan and Alf of THE SHUFFLER 2007 04 01.

Stan and Earl of The Shuffler 2020 04 11


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4 Responses to (7) Shuffler Archives: 2007 Article of Dedication and Determination!!

  1. Glenn Monroe says:

    Thanks again, Stan. That article sure has had legs.


  2. stanistheman says:



  3. Earl A Ball says:

    Now I know Glenn is reading so I’m sure an article can’t be far behind!


  4. Earl A Ball says:

    I love Lorriane. But Bill, isn’t Bill the one that that made and distributed the stickers that said “I Beat Earl”! Which lead to “I sleep with the guy that beat Earl” and “My Dad beat Earl”. It’s hard but I do love Bill.


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