(12) Points, Points, Why the Point System Was Changed by Earl Ball


Gus’ answer to the last question on “Ask the Pro” contained a statement that he wished the best players couldn’t play all the tournaments together. His last line was “I don’t think any rules will change….”. He’s right and Diana Morrison reminded me, yesterday at the summer tournament, why the rule change took place that reduced the points available in singles.
First let me say that the Officers of the FSA have always been, at least since I’ve been playing, the best players in the game. Probably because they are the most interested and enthusiastic. Back in the 1999/2000 season the FSA President was close to qualifying for the Masters. He played a lot of tournaments with the best player in the game and that player was trying his dandiest to get the President to the Masters. It looked like they had made it except that they had to hold off the new kid on the block. The new kid was young, didn’t have any partners and the job shouldn’t have been that difficult, however he had scored three points in the State Sponsored Singles by finishing second in Consolation and then around the beginning of March he up and took second in the singles tournament in St Pete for eight more points, having lost only to the best player in the game. Going into the last tournament of the season, the tournament of Champions, the new kid was still hanging around and wouldn’t you know it, he drew the President to play against in the first match and beat him, removing the chance for his buddy’s to help him along. But never fear, the new kid had to play the games best player in the quarters and surely he would get what was coming to him. The match was played on the outside courts and the games best player won easily, but then lightning struck, literally. The match was moved inside and the upstart somehow won the second game. Then lightning struck again when the new kid pushed up a dead block and made a double to win the match. He couldn’t be stopped; he had scored 21 points in three singles matches toward the end of the season.
Needless to say this type of thing couldn’t be tolerated and the rules were changed so a full season of hard work couldn’t be washed down the drain again.

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