Our First Response To Our Request For Followup Stories.

OK SHUFFLERS: I have a response to my request in my most recent posting for input, for stories!!  What is it they say?  The Apple does not fall far from the tree!! Thanks so very very much Rhett.

Hi Stan!  My name is Rhett Ball, my dad is Earl Ball, perhaps you know him from the shuffleboard scene. I just got off the phone with him and Cindy from my weekly call to make sure they are safe and happy. He tells me amazing stories about the new and upcoming events for the season, and I tell him about the pod cast that I heard on the net that he was part of and that I’m so impressed by his sheer enthusiasm. I’ve really never heard a play-by-play of a match so well balanced before, his explanation of the next step before the player executed it was awesome, he could see it before it happened, a true expert. Over the years as I’ve visited him and he has taken me to the courts at Betmar to teach me and my son about waxing the discs and how to “stay out of the kitchen” has brought a sense of togetherness again. I see this as an amazing next step in a sport with meaning and connection. So, Stan, I’d like to sum up this note by adding this thought: for a sport such as shuffleboard to add so much value and accomplishment to a community that thrives on independence it truly does bring people together. Please keep up with this page and the information passed. I’m positive the future will embrace events such as this and the sport will continue to excel.

Best regards,
Rhett Ball

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