Ray and Joan Buck Send along Easter Greetings this Easter Sunday.

EASTER GREETING FROM RAY AND JOAN BUCK: Hope you are all doing well. As far as I know, there are no shufflers that have been hit by the virus in the Southern District. We continue to pray for you all.
Joan and I took a ride to the Lee County courts area yesterday. It is all closed off so you couldn’t get near the courts or in the parking lot of the community park. We are always amazed that during the Easter season, whether it is March or April, that a certain kind of pine tree always has crosses at the top that stand out as you look up in the sky. These reflect the season that it is. May God bless!!


He did it, he finally did it!
Ray Buck came to the Florida Shuffleboard Association “Roll of Champions” Tournament needing only one more point to qualify for the Hall of Fame; It seems like he’s been chasing that last point for the longest time.
He showed up this morning with partner Jerry Holbrook to play the quarters and there stood Henry Strong and Earl Ball. Can you imagine—nobody beats Henry and Earl and yet this could be the time. They took the court and things didn’t go well in the 1st game; on to game 2 and things didn’t look good in the early going; but as the crowd built their game began to come around; Earl and Henry couldn’t get off the lines and they made it to game 3 and won the lag. They got off to a good start and now the crowd has grown to over capacity, but Henry and Earl rally and go up 60-45. Jerry and Ray hold tight stealing both hammers and move the game to 60-60 after their hammers. Earl misses his 8 with the hammer but does get a 7 moving the score to 67-60 with Henry having the hammer. And Henry does hammer Ray right into the kitchen and it’s covered by a block on the centerline and one on the 7/8 line. Henry shoots to hold the 8 but comes up short but surely it’s all but over because the score is now 67-50. Do you believe in miracles, maybe divine intervention! Well maybe you should because by the time we got to Ray’s hammer he had all the pressure of 199 points squarely on his shoulders. One last chance; he had to somehow get that disc to go down the court and stop in the scoring area, he even had a backstop. Well just as cool as a cucumber (maybe not) he slid his disc out and the crowd went wild he’d done it, he made the shot and he did it against the Association leading team of this season; surely something to be proud of and Ray, we are all proud of you. CONGRATULATIONS!
Earl Ball

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2 Responses to Ray and Joan Buck Send along Easter Greetings this Easter Sunday.

  1. Arlene & Bob Guerrini says:

    Happy Easter to all! 🐇. As far as I know, no-one has the covid-19 virus in the West Coast District! God Bless all & stay safe away from that virus, and stay Home! Arlene and Bob ❣️.

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  2. debsturat says:

    Great “play” story!


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