(11) Points, Points Continued. History of the Points System


When the FSA took over in 1974/75 they established the point system like this. State sponsored, Statewide and National Singles were 10-8-7-5 and State sponsored and National Doubles were 8-6-5-3 and statewide doubles were 5-4-3-2 and there were no points awarded in consolation. Things stayed that way until 1991/92 when one point was awarded for first in Consolation. In 1992/93 the system was changed to two points for first in Consolation and one point for 2nd and 3rd. The system remained that way until 1998/99 when the consolation points in Singles were raised to 4-3-2-0.

In 2001/02 the system was changed to reduce points. State sponsored singles were reduced to the same as State sponsored doubles at 8-6-5-3 and consolation became 2-1-1-0. Statewide and National Singles became the same as statewide doubles at 5-4-3-2 and consolation at 2-1-1-0.

So when you hear Glen Peltier say players from earlier eras received more points you know he was right. Glen started playing in the 80’s, so he was able to get in on some of the higher point seasons, at least higher than these days. Glen also says a ton of points are given away in consolation; compared to the earlier years that is certainly true.

I’ll write a story about the all-time point leaders, but think about this. Glen Peltier has won 93 tournaments in his career to score over 1300 points. The player he over took at about 1250 points won 52. The other two players with a 1000 points won 69 and 11. Further proof that Glen is right when he says; the point system had some funny wrinkles in the early years. Jay Snoddy, sixth all-time in points won the third most tournaments with 68. I’m fifth in points with over 830 and have won more tournaments than anyone with 95.

Revised May 2015

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