Glen Wins The Smokie Mountain Shootout!!! “His Most Memorable Game EVER!!

Glen Speaks: How many players can remember THE SMOKIE MOUNTAIN SHOOTOUT in Hendersonville. The great Lee Jordon was the sponsor $500.00 first prize. He had an A and B division. I had never played in Hendersonville before. I drove all day Sunday. Slept in my van and arrived at the courts at 8.30. My first match was against Charlie Griffon. The first game he won 75 to 5. He told me he had come early to practice on the weird courts. He was ahead the second game 69 to 10. He had the hammer. He tried to hide down suicide ally and shot himself in the ten off. I scored an 8, He elected to take his ten off out and stuck. He fell apart and I learnt a very important lesson. Do not rush the game. By a miracle and much luck I won the second game. The third game was easy. In the quarters I played the great Hands Strieb. He held the record for most wins in the masters Eighteen. In our third game, he had the hammer on the very last play. I put in a ten to low That is all he needed to win the quarters. As smooth as silk he had the perfect touch but underestimated the drift. He pushed my ten into the eight and drifted his disc on the line. I had won the quarters. I was IN. Next Clide Mills. I was on cloud nine. Luck was still with me. My last match was Eldon Miller. It was a great tournament and I had $500.00. Lee Jordon did so much for shuffleboard.  In the end he donated his body to science. He just kept on giving.

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3 Responses to Glen Wins The Smokie Mountain Shootout!!! “His Most Memorable Game EVER!!

  1. Earl Ball says:

    Hi Glen, This is the silver lining! You can’t go anywhere so you have time to write. Looking forward to more great stories. Las Vegas for sure.


  2. Deb STuart says:

    Love these stories!


  3. john Houghtaling says:

    Great story Glen!!!!…


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