Stan Bober of the WCD Always Has A Great Story!!

Stan Bober Speaks:  Hi Stan! I have to write about the match Betty (my doubles partner) and I had against Steve Raimondi and Bud Pitman towards the end of our season. We are playing for 1st. or 2nd. place pro consolation. Right off the bat Bud asked who my partner was (of course he knew Betty very well) and I said “oh, some hooker I picked up downtown”. Of course, when Betty came down to tell me something, Bud had to yell out, “Stan said you’re a hooker he picked up in town.” Betty laughed as knowing me, took it in stride.

Anyway, back to the game, Bud and Steve killed us the first game. As good as we know they are, we were not surprised. The second game, we were behind about 50 to our 30 and I kitchened Bud and left my disc blocking a path for Bud to knock himself out of the kitchen and he failed to even score. I then put up a second disc on the other side for two sevens, one on each side. Bud missed going after one of my disc and then I put up another disc on the far side for an eight. Bud tried to knock that off and put another disc into the kitchen. To make a long story short, I scored 42 points with Bud having a double kitchen and me scoring 22 points. We took the lead and won the second game. The third game was a nail biter and with the score about 70 to 70, being at the foot, I had the hammer and I knew if I missed, they would have two hammers to win the game. Luckily, I cleared the board and Bud put his fourth disc on a line. That left me with a wide-open shot to win the game. I thought for sure I didn’t give my hammer enough room and the drift would carry in to the center line. Wow, it stopped a 1/2″ from the line giving us the game and 1st. place consolation. The small crowd went wild over my 42 points against a top player like Bud and he asked me after the last game, “you’re not going to tell anybody about that 42 points are you?” I told him no way…..but….I’m going to put it in the newspapers!! …

Stan Bober
WCD Webmaster

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2 Responses to Stan Bober of the WCD Always Has A Great Story!!

  1. Earl A Ball says:

    Bud is a pain in the rear end but I love him dearly!


  2. stan bober says:

    Earl, I also love Bud dearly and we had a ball playing that game. Steve on the other hand is very serious and had a hissy fit watching Bud miss a couple of key shots. Bud and I laughed until we were red faced. Betty commented, “why were we so tickled all thru-out that 3rd game?”


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