From Our Past; From the Archives of The Shuffler.

Historical Document:

Florida Shuffleboard Association, Inc.

Twenty-seven statewide tournaments are sanctioned by the F.S.A. every year. Four of these are sponsored by the F.S.A. (2 amateur & 2 pro). A point system gives winners of places (1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th) in Florida pro tournaments points which determine who plays in the special Master’s Round Robin at the end of the shuffleboard year. This is sponsored by Beulah and Harold Dunbar who also provide medals for 15 men and 15 lady shufflers in accordance to the number of points accumulated.
A major project of the F.S.A. is the publishing of the annual magazine, “The Preview”. The printing of “The Preview” is made possible by selling ads to businesses, shuffleboard clubs and individuals whose interest and support are greatly appreciated. The F.S.A. has been for¬tunate in having statewide tournaments sponsored by General Telephone, Burger King, Anvil Paints, RLK. Nidy Construction Company, and individuals, Tom Bouldin, the Don Grace family and the Dunbars, who sponsor three tournaments each year.
In 1960, the F.S.A. Hall of Fame was started when five persons were inducted. The F.S.A. Hall of Fame exhibit was established in 1972 in the library of the Sebring Shuffleboard and Tourist Club. To date, 93 have been inducted in the Player, Executive and Special Award categories.
Congratulations are due those who have worked long and hard to arrange the International Tournament. It is hoped that shuffleboard will add to the mutual respect and understanding that have been established with people of other countries through the Olympiads, with the prospect that eventually there will be peace and good will among all nations.
This resume’ submitted by Lou Tuma
The Florida Shuffleboard Association was organized on Dec. 12, 1928. It is composed of 408 clubs, with 62,000 members in six Districts.
Officers for 1982:
President George V. Jackson, Vero Beach.
1st Vice President James Sprague, Deland.
2nd Vice President Howard Whitescarver, Pinellas Park.
3rd Vice President Jay Snoddy, Lakeland.
West Coast District:President Joseph Hrabak, Port Richey. Delegate Leonard Gerome, Bradenton.
Northern District:President Ish Crawford, Leesburg.
Deligate Tyler McMaster, Leesburg. Central District:President Reiny Schleier, Nalcrest. Delegate Robert Schneider, Lakeland. Southeast District:President Wm. Atwood, Ft. Lauderdale.
Delegate Joseph Polom, Ft. Lauderdale.
Central East Coast District:President Wesley T. Marousch, Stuart Delegate Avery J. Reading, Port St. Lucie.
Appointed Secretary-Treasurer-Anna Jackson, Vero Beach. State Tournament Director-Dave Spencer, Clearwater Keeper of Records-L.C. “Lou” Tuma, St. Petersburg.

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