FSA President Dave Kudro Responds To A Question From Earl Ball.

Earl Ball asks FSA President David Kudro
Will next seasons schedule need to be changed?

First I’d like to acknowledge we are so fortunate to have so many everyday heroes in the United States and Canada that put theirselves out there for others during this pandemic.
I wish I had a crystal ball to help steer FSA shuffleboard into the future, but I don’t. I do keep abreast daily on the updated progression of the COVID-19.
One of my biggest concerns and fears is that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued warnings that the COVID-19 could cycle back in the fall, or possibly increase when the States begin to open up the economy. With the predictions of it taking 12 to 18 months for a vaccine, its anyones guess on when things will begin to open and at what progression it will take shape. I wonder what the”New” normal will be for us.
Once there appears to be a definite path for us playing shuffleboard, I will be discussing this with the full board on when and how we will proceed. I know we will have additional serious issues that will be facing our sport as we have very close contact, and we shuffle on both outside and inside courts. We all will have to take serious look at the process for keeping our FSA members safe. The challenge will be disinfecting and sanitizing courts, benches, scoreboards, erasers, etc. to the many other avenues that we use daily. Just think, the disinfecting and sanitizing would all have to be done again before play starts for day two or three in a tournament., Any of these thresholds as well as others we identify that could potentially pass the virus on will have to be addressed. The host clubs where we shuffle could also have varing restriction requirements as we play at city owned clubs, private clubs as well as association owned clubs. Each of these clubs will have varying requirements and restrictions that we must adhere to. This pandemic we face is like no other we have seen in our life time.
As the days, weeks, and months move forward, we will see more clarity on how to proceed with the 2020-2021 shuffleboard season.
As you can see this is not just a little hurdle for us to jump over, but a large mountain we must climb slowly day by day and insure we do not go at a pace so fast we loose FSA members to this deadly virus. The one thing I do know for certain is that I have faith and confidence in our Executive Board, Secretary, Treasurer, StateTournament Director, Keeper of Records, Webmaster, District Presidents, District State Representatives, Club Presidents, Club Volunteers as well as the hundreds and hundreds of dedicated FSA members for us to not only get through this pandemic, but move us forward to whatever the new future requirements will be.

David P Kudro FSA President

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1 Response to FSA President Dave Kudro Responds To A Question From Earl Ball.

  1. john Houghtaling says:

    Well stated David and hopefully all of the shuffle board community will be able to enjoy our game that we all love sooner rather than later!!…


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