More on the Point System!! by Earl Ball.


There seems to always be an ongoing discussion as to who the single season record holders are. Another question is when, did the modern era start.

The FSA started keeping the records in 1974/75. However, the 1971/72 Preview lists a Roll of Champions, (ROC). Jay Snoddy led the men with 70 points and Mae Hall led the women with 80 points the 1973/74 Preview also has a ROC’s with Jay Snoddy having 86 points to lead the men and Mae Hall leading the women with 99 points. The 1974/75 Preview has Merritt Gordon leading the men with 58 points and the women were led by Audrey Haley with 113, Mae Hall with 103 and Kate Gruber with 73 points; these were all before the FSA took over the point system.

The 1975/76 Preview listed the first Roll of Champions with the records kept by the FSA. If we consider this to be an earlier era, that being up until the point system was reduced in 2001/02. The Modern era would start with the 2002/03 Preview.

The all-time single season leaders with at least 70 points in the earlier era would be. (In all cases the points were scored in the year before they were listed in the Preview.) Men: Glen Peltier 76, 1992/93; Jacque Bergeron 75, 1994/95; Glen Peltier 72, 1996/97; Jay Snoddy 71, 1976/77.
Women: Mae Hall 95, 1975/76; Audrey Haley 81, 1975/76; Mae Hall 77, 1977/78; Joan Wheeler 77, 2001/02; Joan Cook 76, 2001/02; Joan Cook 75, 2000/01; Wilma Krieg 74, 1976/77; Mae Hall 74, 1979/80; Ann Hersom 71, 1997/98; Joan Wheeler 71, 1997/98; Joan Wheeler 71, 1999/00.

The leaders in the Modern era. Men: Mike Vassalotti 84, 2005/06; Grant Boshart 82, 2005/06 (Mike and Grant made their marks in a 28 tournament format. Hollywood and Lake Worth hosted Thursday Tournaments in those days. The FSA eliminated Thursday Tournaments making Thursday District Tournament Days.); Earl Ball 79, 2016/17; Earl Ball 77, 2006/2007; Henry Strong 77, 2015/16; Earl Ball 75, 2015/16; Chuck Stansburge 73; 2010/11; Earl Ball 71, 2011/12.
Women: Judy Taylor 88, 2010/11; Joan Cook 79, 2004/05; Joan Cook 78, 2007/08; Pam Nurnberger 75, 2017/18; Joan Wheeler 71, 2004/05.

I hope this helps put things in perspective.

Reviewed May 2015, Revised December 2016, March 2017, April 2018

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