Arlene Guerrini Posts An Important Announcement.

The Guerrinis, Bob and Arlene

Hello Stan: I just read your latest Did you Know by Kenny Offenther.

As I was reading, I thought this might be the perfect time to let shufflers know that both Bob and I will be Semi-Retired from State Shuffleboard Tournaments. We are in the West Coast District and will be playing anything played in Clw or St. Pete., our home courts. 

We both just had Birthdays.  Bob always does the distance driving and the past couple of years he often did not play distance tournaments,  but just observed.

I don’t want to put him through that anymore, and I don’t want to do the driving, so it is time to retire. I will really feel bad about not going to these tournaments anymore. However; the time has come to make a change before we get into a car crash on our busy highways.

I HAVE NOT notified any of my partners, and thought maybe we could do it together.  As we all have a lot more time now, staying home, players read your articles and will see my retirement notice. 😭

I see you have made a big change in your life. Hoping you are comfortable and well adjusted to your new lifestyle. You are a complement to our Shuffleboard Associaton.
Thank you for all your years of news knowledge.

Thanks ever so much!

Arlene Guerrini – 505-269-9750


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12 Responses to Arlene Guerrini Posts An Important Announcement.

  1. Betty and I love Bob and Arlene and just because they won’t be driving to State Tournaments don’t mean they’re not still terrific shuffleboard players. We’re so glad they will still be playing at Clearwater and St. Pete. Without them really trying, they are great teachers of the game and hope they continue playing and teaching for many years to come!

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    • Thanks Stan and Betty …. since we haven’t been playing through the summer, we truly miss being with the both of you. Both of you are a big compliment to Shuffleboard! ❣️


  2. seliseq1 says:

    As with the Bobbers, we too love Bob & Arlene! Although we have not been able to shuffle w/them often, they have been dear friends for 13 years, when they were coming to Hendersonville every summer. We have been to FL a couple of times & were blessed to visit & play w/them at Clearwater & Pinellas Park. I will never forget, 2007 at Hendersonville, Arlene & I partnered up for the National Dbls. We were both novices on the H’ville courts. Our first match, we were called to court #3 to play against Barbara Jenkins & Mary Eldridge, who had played on those courts (even #3) for years. Both lovely ladies & fun to play against, but we had no chance against them. It was painful for us & comical for them & the TD (whom I’m sure set us up – but they don’t do that, do they??!!). Anyway, Arlene & I became quite proficient on the H’ville courts (even #3) & enjoyed several years partnering & winning there. I’m sad they are semi-retiring from playing, but I have no doubt they will stay active at Pinellas, CW & St. Pete. Congratulations to them for many years of excellent shuffling!!

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    • Thanks Stan and Sandi. We sure have fond memories in the years past. Bob and Stan and you and I Sandi teamed up together and played quite well together. Was a pleasure playing with both of you. We love you both, and wish you both future shuffling with wins and happiness. God Bless you Sandi, we’re all praying for you and hope for continued Good Health! ❣️


  3. Helen Biaggi says:

    What an outstanding shuffleboard career you have had. Sad to see you retire from the State, especially when you are still at the top of the game.
    Thank you Arlene for being such a gracious partner. I enjoyed the tournaments we played together, win or lose,( mostly win I think):)
    Congratulations to you both on your shuffleboard success. Happy to hear you will continue on the local level. Good health and best wishes.

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    • Helen it has been a pleasure playing with you. You were an excellent partner on the other end. Enjoyed every minute and time playing with you. Steve and Bob were good together also, too bad our time had to come to an end. But that’s life. How’s the Lemon tree coming Helen?
      Hope it’ll give you lemons this season. ❣️


  4. john Houghtaling says:

    So sorry to know that you and Bob won’t be in our neighborhood up here in the Zephyrhills area next season but, I understand your thoughts and do hope that I will run into you folks at some state tournaments this fall. Stay well and stay safe, john


    • Arlene & Bob Guerrini says:

      Thank You John, we will miss your smiling face, and your friendly personality towards us. Always nice to be welcomed as you always do to everyone. Go to the top with your wins, I’ll still be keeping track. Thanks for your reply, and you stay well also, Arlene and Bob


  5. Earl A Ball says:

    I hope this story ends the same way it has for years. Hope to see you on the circuit next season!
    And don’t worry John Houghtaling, they will show up at Betmar to play one last time. I remember the 1st time they played a tournament. It was during the summer and at Betmar; they’ll be back.


  6. Arlene & Bob Guerrini says:

    Earl, Thanks for your reply, but I wish somehow we were still going to travel, especially to play at Betmar. I know we have been putting this not playing off for awhile, but honest, we have come to that wise decision of not wanting to quit, but the time is here, for sure this time. lo See you at Clearwater next season. Best to you and Cindy!


  7. Arlene McCague says:

    Arlene, sorry to hear you won’t be at Bradenton anymore. Take care, hugs to you!!! Arlene McCague


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