Glen Peltier Shares His Memories of Las Vegas!!! Memories of The Big-Money Tournament!!

Glen and Jacques Do Well In Nevada!!! Las Vegas, Nevada!!

Glen Speaks: The 6th ISA, International Tournament, took place in Las Vegas in 1986.  The tournament I am now going to speak about was a Big-Money Tournament and it took place at about the same time.

The money for the Big-Money event was put up by a man named Tony Tattro who sold insurance and was affiliated with the FSA. He had sponsored various FSA tournaments for about two years.  Tony put up thousands in prize money in the Vegas Singles and Doubles. I drove to Las Vegas and arrived five days early. I was told the first day that the courts on which the tournament was to be played, were covered with a foot of Sand and would not be ready. The courts were a mess. I called Sam Allen and he “overnighted” gallons of Nella Seal.  Four of us shoveled sand till dark. The next day we swept and washed the courts. Sam,s Nella seal had arrived just in time!! We nella sealed the courts and played on them the next day. My arms were so tired I planned on missing the Singles and playing the Doubles with my partner Jacque Bergeron. I did play and surprisingly won the first two games and had to play Jacque in the quarters. We both felt bad about it and I got lucky and won. Charley Griffen beat me in the finals. I got second and won $400.00. IN MEMORY OF Charlie Griffin

The next day Jacque and I played well, winning all three matches and came in first. $1000.00 thanks to Tony Tattro. I met many new people and had pure fun.
The hit of the whole affair was Sam Allen. He was the master of ceremonies and was he ever great. He had made crazy cues for certain people and practically gave away his whole store. Marcia was with him and she had the time of her life.

P.S. When I was president of the FSA Tony came back and wanted to be affiliated again with the FSA. He was starting a home delivery service with groceries for the elderly. The board voted him down. I think he was ahead of his time.

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6 Responses to Glen Peltier Shares His Memories of Las Vegas!!! Memories of The Big-Money Tournament!!

  1. Deb STuart says:

    Loved it! Thanks!!!


  2. john Houghtaling says:

    Neat story Glen!!!!!!…


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  4. Earl Ball says:

    Shovelings the sand off the courts is just what I would expect of Glen. Glen always helped at any tournament. If it rained he was the 1st one out to clean up the courts so we could all play. I don’t remember if many people ever said thanks and I don’t remember me ever saying thanks.
    Thanks Glen, I appreciate everything you’ve done for our sport.


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  6. Shirley M Goodwin says:

    How clearly I remember the condition of those courts, Glen. I happened to be playing in the ISA tournament and so many of us ,who had gone a few days early, were happy to see you arrive and happier still when the Nella Seal arrived. Practice was almost impossible with the condition the courts were in. In fact, difficult to reach the lag line. That would have been easier on a beach !
    Fond memories, Glen. Thanks so much for your help, always.
    Shirley Goodwin


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