More On The 2005 FSA State Banquet.

Those of you using I-Pads would NOT have been able to view any of the pix of the Inductees at the 2005 Banquet.  I will give you some.  Stan

Inductees Earl Ball; Betty and Buzz Downing; Diana Morrison, and Dave Minnich.

Earl and Presenter Stan Williamson.

Diana Morrison and Presenter Lofty Haskins

Dave Minnich and Presenter Sue Minnich

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1 Response to More On The 2005 FSA State Banquet.

  1. Jerry Stannard Pres. says:

    My first banquet and State Singles. Was interesting to see people dressed up, but no big shebang like now, short and sweet. Beat Ben Coy in the first round and Jerry Everett for the Championship. Didn’t know any body I played so wasn’t intimidated. Benefits of being a rookie. Won the Friendly City Open in Bradenton with Gus Bondi in November beating Dick Whitaker & Russ Dehart, Mel Erb & Paul Miller, Paul Prescott & Dale Williams and Buck Buchanan & Don Norris for Championship. again didn’t hardly know anyone so weren’t intimidated, about 60 teams and we hit all the big ones. Moved to Bradenton 8 yrs later.


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