Another Story From Stan’s Youth. Can You Believe It?? Driving at 12 Yrs Old?? Only in Canada “eh”

My Sister Phyl had a Boy-friend whose name was Donnie; I had a Girl-friend whose name was Thelma.

I post the article NOT to demonstrate my early driving skills, but rather to REMIND the readers How Times Have Changed!!  That is Thelma and I on your left!!!

Remember;  I am 12 years old in this story !! One evening the four of us were attending a movie in Oshawa, the 4 being Thelma, Stan, Phyl and Donnie; not one of us was yet a teenager??  That is Thelma and Stan in the pic.

Remember also that to get to the bus from our home, one had to walk 2 miles!!  Walk that is, unless you could convince your father that with his permission, you would take the car to the bus, park it, catch the bus, attend the show, return by bus, pick up the car and drive home.

Dad agreed; the deal was struck and off drive Stan and Phyl~~Stan driving of course. Remember I am one full year older than Phyl!! I am not sure at what point on that 2-mile drive to the bus, but at some point, the plans changed. It was jointly agreed that it was not unreasonable to drive the extra mile to Columbus, pick up Donnie and Thelma, and somehow we rationalized that it was acceptable to drive not only to Columbus, but also to the theatre in Oshawa. We did just that. Not one of us was over the age of 12. I don’t remember where we parked the car; I don’t remember if we saw any police. I do remember that we drove down King St., the main street of Oshawa. We did drive carefully, and we did arrive home safely.

HOWEVER; when we did arrive home we had some explaining to do. Seems that How and Dad decided that they needed the car and since they knew it was parked at the bus stop, they walked the 2 miles to the bus!! Surprise, surprise!! NO CAR?? Given the nature of Dad’s temper, it is hard to believe that there was no corporal punishment administered?? Howie and I would point out to you that it was probably because Phyl was involved!!

I think I am going to have to redo this TRUE STORY. It is so absolutely inconsistent with what is possible to-day that some may think I have enriched it!!  I HAVE NOT.

Stan 2020 04 21

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