GLEN PELTIER says: “When you came up against this “DUO”, you felt Tingles in your Spine!!

Glen Peltier tells us about Great Shufflers of the Past!!  (Look at Glen’s Title!!)

BOB JONES Mt. Dora BOB JONES qualified for membership in our Hall of Fame in the 1989-1990 season by amassing 209 points in his career. Friendly, congenial Bob is one of the finest gentlemen players on the Pro circuit and should be no stranger to anyone who participates in state events. Probably the finest tribute to Bob comes from his very frequent partner, Charley Bone, who played with him in more than 140 tournaments over a 7-year period. Charley says their agreement was that each match consisted of two games, one at the head and the other at the foot. Over their long “partnership” never a harsh word was spoken. Charley adds that Bob “wasted” his youth on the pool tables and croquet courts, or he’d have been an even more formidable shuffleboard opponent. Congratulations, Bob! Welcome to the select circle of the World’s Greatest Shufflers!

CHARLES BONE ‘Charlie” is a member of the Mt. Dora Club in the Northern District since the late ‘60. His first win in the Pro Division was at Mid-Florida Lakes, a 2nd in the doubles. Later he placed first in the President’s Trophy Mixed Doubles at Peabody, Daytona. He won twice more the following year, a 4th and a 1st in the Florida State Open Singles. First place was no stranger to Charlie from that time on, as he was a dominant figure on the Florida Pro scene. This included Masters Competitions. By the conclusion of the 1986-87 season he had amassed a total of 345 points! His most phenomenal season was in 1983-84 when he totaled 68 points and the most awesome was the fact that ALL of his wins (9 of them) were for 1st place! Four of them were in doubles and five were in singles, and he closed out the season with 1st place in the Masters as well. Charlie achieved a coveted Masters’ berth five times, winning that event twice and placing high the other times. He has limited his court appearances in recent years because of problems with exposure to our hot Florida sun. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Charlie in seasons to come.

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