I ran into the game of shuffleboard when visiting my in-laws in Florida in the early ’90s;

This exchange between Earl and I  took place in August of 2012.  As You Will Read, the story begins in the “Early 90s” Please Share How You Became Involved??? Send to Stanistheman_200@yahoo.com

Earl Speaks: Who would have ever known what could happen through shuffleboard!
Most players know that I had a very successful working career but who would ever believe I would top that with a career in shuffleboard of all things! I ran into the game of shuffleboard when visiting my in-laws in Florida in the early ’90s; my father in law was President of the Betmar Club. Every time I would visit he would drag me to the courts and beat the living stuffins out of me; I didn’t want to play but I wanted to be a good son in law so I went; I wanted to play golf. In 1995 I bought a place in Betmar, so I was eligible to join the Club and dad made sure I did that. Early in ’96 I visited, and dad wanted me to come to the club and play in a tournament. I said no but felt guilty about 8:45 and went up to the club, dad was directing the tournament, I said I’d play if anyone wanted me to play with them. Dad hassled up a partner and I played. That guy never asked me again, we lost four games so fast it was pitiful, I was terrible! Later that spring I visited again, and dad said we were playing a tournament, I replied I had already done that and didn’t want to do it again. He persisted and said we would be playing together. Well, I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I played. My job was to clear the board and score my hammer. Man did I clear the board, no matter where the disk was but I didn’t score many hammers. However, dad was an excellent player and carried us to 2nd in consolation. I was bitten! I made a good enough impression that Pros asked me to play tournaments with them as their amateur partner. I became so excited about the game that I started to schedule my vacation around the shuffleboard tournament schedule. I got the luckiest break of my life in 1997 when I had the opportunity to retire at age 53. Dad took me to all the summer tournaments that year to be sure I would know how to get to the tournaments that fall. He didn’t play but he watched me every tournament and told me on every ride home “clear the board and score your hammer”, we all know how that turned out. That is how it all started and if Stan wants too, I’ll tell you some more.
Earl (Earl responded 2012 08 26)

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    More — More!!!


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