We Highlight A Response From Earl’s Article of Yesterday!! Many Thanks to Peggi.

Earl’s article: “Did Earl Give The Right Answer” stimulated some responses.   We selected the reply from Peggi Mackenzie-Young for display to’day. We thank Peggi and repeat our invitation to ALL, send along your comments.  Peggi’s initial reply to Earl appears in the Comments below Earl’s article.    I repeat it now: “I would say to someone starting “ have fun, learn the basic rules and then I know for sure the game will grab hold of you and when it does you will study it more and more. You will play a game where you beat a pro, or you make an amazing shot and you are hooked. And I still say “ have fun”. Peggi”  

In a follow-up conversation; Peggy added:  I accidentally became a pro just before they did away with Instant pro. A friend in Clearwater asked if I’d be her partner in a State tournament. To quote her she said “ well get our clocks cleaned but we’ll have fun (remember that fun was the magic word). Well, we won the first match so that was a thrill. In the afternoon Nicole Huot asked me “ are you taking your pro now or will you wait until October?” I told her “ oh Nicole I’m an amateur. “ “ not anymore said Nicole “. Totally floored I went to the tournament director and sure enough there was my answer. I told them I’d take it right away “ in case you change your mind”. Since then I hold my own in Clearwater, not traveling, last year I was fourth in Western District among women and this year 4th. This year I won my first State Tournament partnering with Teri Mitchell.  That win gives me all the bragging rights I need with my four granddaughters. That’s been my greatest joy. An old grandma becomes the first pro athlete in the family at age 72. The Clearwater club members have brought me so much joy beginning with Tom and Mary Beth Russell and continuing with the current leaders, Cathy, Don, Betty, Stan, Ellie, Ron especially, but also the high rollers who no longer “roll their eyes when they draw me in the draw tournaments ( yes Steve R , Tom F and Frank N). They are all amazing friends and I have had no end of fun.
Peggi Mackenzie-Young

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