Glen Peltier Remembers JANE-O. Article from 2010.


Stan asks: When Glen looks back, does he see the Jane-O of 1990 or the Jane-O of today?  (That is the 2014  Jane-O to your left; that is the 1990 version of Jane-O below.)

Glen Responds:  I never had the privilege of knowing the 1990 version but I do know that Jane is a great promoter for our Sport!!

Glen speaks: As I reflect on my past, I had the same problem all new players have. No partners. The first few years another amateur Junior Kinney and I played all the Men’s Doubles. We never expected anything different. One of the most respected and greatest players of all times agreed to play with me. I learned so much from this pro. I learned what was the right shot, and what was the wrong shot. This particular player was right on the top in the shuffleboard world.

Her name was Jane O’laugland. What she didn’t teach me, her husband Frank did. It’s not very often you still have a great player from the past, still playing for you to enjoy. There is no player I have more respect for. From the start of her career to the present time, Jane will play with anyone. She plays with her friends, new players, and old players. You will seldom ever see Jane take the wrong shot. I am so sincere when I say; I have learned more from Jane O than any other player. We had such a winning record winning the mixed doubles in Clearwater three times. I was so intimidated by her that I never played my best, but she just kept on with her great game. Thank you Jane for giving me my start.

Glen Peltier. 2010-03-10.

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2 Responses to Glen Peltier Remembers JANE-O. Article from 2010.

  1. seliseq1 says:

    I had only one short week to meet & get to know Jane O. It was not long enough. She treated me like she’d known me all her life. Most shufflers are this way but she was special . . there was an immediate friendship that I knew would last forever. However, she was taken to the courts in the sky not long after our meeting and I never got to see her again. A dear, dear lady and an expert among experts on the courts. I am blessed to have known her. Sandi Q.


  2. stanistheman says:

    Thanks for that Sandi! Stan


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