Glen’s Comment of today; 2020 04 23; The Point System.

Stan Speaking 2020 04 23:   After you finish reading Glen’s comment below, I urge each of you with an interest in this matter,  to enter the words “point system” into the search rectangle at the top right side of the page and click on SEARCH.  Select the article you wish to read; when you finish, hit the back button, top left,  and read ANOTHER.

Glen Peltier Speaking > today, 2020 04 23: There is much controversy about the point system over the years but I would like to tell everyone about the time I feel it was the hardest time to make big points. No such thing as split tournaments and at least twenty and as many as thirty-five motor homes at every tournament. Some places could accommodate us and sometimes we would find a Walmart. Now most of these players took it very seriously, arrived Sunday, and practiced all that day. The tournaments usually lasted three full days. The tournaments played in Hollywood on Monday were usually large and often lasted three days. We would travel to Lake Worth on Wed, and played there Thursday and Friday. We were always sure of a big draw as it was the only tournament in the state and we had a full slate of motor homes. Fort Pierce was very nice to the motor homes letting us stay right on their property as most places did. It was so much fun. We had tailgate parties almost every tournament. We would bar b cue and cook our favourite dishes and share. Everyone liked my pot when I cooked pigtails and sourcraute. Someone else would make stuffed peppers etc. Skip McCoy and his wife Pat seemed to of headed it up and kept it going. I wish everyone could have been there for the experience. Glen Peltier.  (2020 04 23)

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2 Responses to Glen’s Comment of today; 2020 04 23; The Point System.

  1. Evan Engell says:

    That would have been something to see. I would have enjoyed the pigtails and after-parties as much as the tournament itself. Thanks for sharing, Glen. I can visualize it. 🙂


  2. john Houghtaling says:

    Those were the days when people were very active in their retirement years; wish that were the case today!!!!!!….


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