Run-Up to the FSA Masters!! Mike and Grant Play Chuck and Jack

There was some great shuffling at Lakeland as shufflers attempt to either confirm their standing or improve it sufficiently to make the Top 8!!! It made for some great matches and one of the very best was between the teams of Mike Vassalotti (on the right) and Grant Boshart (on the left) playing against Jack Wells (on left) and Chuck Stansburge. Jack is sitting at position #9 on the magic list of 8, so the game was vitally important to him. It was primarily a “board game”, the accuracy of the shooting by both was terrific!! It was a great game to watch!! However; only one of the teams could win and that team was the Vassalotti/Boshart pair~~a pair that has a fantastic season as evidenced by their ONE TWO placement on the FSA PRO men’s point list. Following the match, I chose to speak with the team of Wells and Stansburge: “You had a wonderful match, I thought that Mike and Grant played exceptionally well, but you fellows gave them one hell of a match. I just wonder how you feel about it? Chuck; Any time you play Mike Vassalotti and Grant Boshart, they bring out the best in you, you have to reach down and give it your all.  Stan; And certainly you did just that! My congratulations. And now to Jack, what did you think? Jack; It is just as Chuck said, they bring out the best in you~~but sometimes they bring out the worst in you~~by putting the pressure on you. They are excellent shooters but we did our best. Stan: You certainly did and congratulations from THE SHUFFLER. Stan 2005 03 22.

NOTE: In 2005 I carried a recorder and often recorded as I did in this “runup” match to the 2005 Masters!!

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